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Sam Smith Wore A Body Suit At Jingle Ball, And Body Shamers Need To Have A Seat


You know Sam Smith. Still, let me remind you. Sam is a Grammy-, Oscar-, and Golden Globe–winning star who's shattered records with their amazing voice and catchy bops.

Oh, and their latest song, "Unholy" featuring Kim Petras, topped Billboard recently.

Anyway, this week, Sam brought Kim out to perform the track at Jingle Ball.

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The performance was great — I wish Kim's mic was turned up a bit more, but still. It was great.

However, some people decided to take the opportunity to comment on Sam's body and mock Sam's outfit — a shimmering silver jumpsuit.

I won't quote the criticism because we don't need to give body shamers a platform.

As for the outfit, I think it's a pretty standard lewk for a pop star?? Even Harry Styles wore something similar on his tour.

Like, please?? It's not even scandalous????

There's been a lot of discourse surrounding Sam, their body, and whether it's just a bad outfit. the end, it doesn't really matter because Sam is up there, singing No. 1 songs with an amazing voice and a shitload of awards under their belt.

So, body shamers have a seat. And Sam, keep doin' you.