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16 Emails Professors Actually Sent To Their Students That Are Blunt, A Bit Rude, And Extremely Professor-y

I would cry if I got one of these.

1. This could-care-less prof:

2. This blunt professor:

My professor ain't have to disrespect me like this 😭🤣 "Yes, you better drop." 💀💀💀 But it's cooool. 😂

Twitter: @girlthatscass
Twitter: @girlthatscass / Via @girlthatscass

3. This professor, who almost was a little too blunt:

Twitter: @SaeedDiCaprio

4. This professor, who called out their student:

5. This short answer–giving prof:

Email I sent to my professor , email I got back , can’t make this up 🤣🤣

Twitter: @eurystep
@eurystep / Via Twitter: @eurystep

6. This accounting a-hole:

Remember when my accounting professor ripped me a new one?

Twitter: @hiimannette
@hiimannette / Via Twitter: @hiimannette

7. This prof, who wasn't a fan of the music:

my professor sent me an email?!??

Twitter: @khjluvrs

8. This short but positive answer:

9. And this one, too:

10. This unhelpful prof:

@deirdre_pepe / Via Twitter: @deirdre_pepe

11. This anti-curver:

12. And this one, too:

"I asked my Chemistry professor what the points he awarded as a curve on the previous tests were so that I could calculate what I needed on the final to pass, and this is what he responded." simplycassieee

13. This "k"-er:

14. This accepted apology:

"Forgot to send in a short essay. Assuming this meant she accepted it?"


15. This professor, who definitely wasn't interested in a backstory:

16. And lastly, this funny prof:

"I had the worst food poisoning EVER from undercooked chicken — I have never felt so literally awful in my life — so I emailed my hilariously, cynically sarcastic professor and his only response: "You’re fired." It actually made me laugh for the first time in 24 hours." erinm467ea893c

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