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Someone Yelled At Rihanna For Being Late To The Dior Fashion Show, And Her Response Is Rihmarkable

Imagine yelling at Rihanna??????????????

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Rihanna is expecting her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky.

Rihanna, who's wearing multiple necklaces, looking off to the side

The fashion icon/musician/mogul has been lauded for her unique maternity style, which ditches the traditional "covered up" look for a more fashion-forward, revealing flair.

Rihanna walking down a set of steps at an event while rocking a short skintight spaghetti-strap dress, a long fur coat, and strappy heels

Well, this week, she showed up to the Dior autumn/winter 2022 show rocking lingerie and a thong.

Rihanna waving to the crowd outside the show

I immediately thought, "It probably takes some time to look this great — especially when you're pregnant." However, this one fan was not pleased that Rih showed up late.

In a video posted to Twitter, which has over 5 million views now, the fan is heard yelling, "You're late! You're late!" to Rihanna!

“ You’re late!” “… no shit.” PLS😭😭😭😭

Twitter: @nooooooo0ooo

At first, you don't really expect Rihanna to respond to the comment, considering she's engulfed by a sea of fans and photographers. But she did.

Rihanna cradling her lingerie-clad baby bump

She turned to the person — deadpan, not fucking around, with a "you look so dumb right now, Take A Bow" face — and said, "No shit."

Rihanna in a sea of people holding up their cellphones trying to take a photo of the icon

And then turned and continued to slay.

Rihanna in a crowd of people trying to take her photo

People were dying at the moment:

she hasn’t had a blunt in so long… poor thing

Twitter: @t3rrall
Twitter: @fwbranden

Les gens : RIHANNA YOU ARE LATE Rihanna :

Twitter: @suchavogue1

Other people were like, "REALLY?!!!! Saying that to Rihanna?!"

rihanna’s in your presence and the first thing to come out your mouth is “you’re late”??? to a pregnant woman???

Twitter: @ICYRIH

1. I’d never tell Rihanna she’s late to anything. 2. I’d never tell a pregnant woman they’re late to anything. 3. I’d never tell pregnant Rihanna she’s late to anything.

Twitter: @cantforgofriday

Yep. "I'd never tell pregnant Rihanna she's late to anything." I agree. And that's that on THAT.

What do you think of this moment? Let me know in the comments below!