16 Reasons Gen Z'ers Are Hilarious, Wholesome, Or Both

    The way I stan Gen Z...

    1. Their dates are adorably hilarious:

    my little sister went on a date with a young farmer tonight. He decided to gift her a 12kg wheel of cheese...?

    Twitter: @devilmeadow

    2. This is their version of hanging in the bathroom during school:

    Gen Z’s version of getting high is literally making wholesome TikToks

    Twitter: @davejorgenson

    3. They make TikToks with their grandparents:

    Twitter: @KiaSpeaks

    4. And show them music:

    gen z making boomers listen to 100 gecs is a massive W+ wholesome

    Twitter: @bitchboi42

    5. They hang out in airports:

    Feels weirdly wholesome to learn that apparently Gen Z enjoy hanging out in airports for fun https://t.co/KrUaU1t4gY

    Twitter: @keinobjekt

    6. They come out like this:

    Twitter: @queen_lindsey21

    7. They do group gestures to surprise their professor:

    Twitter: @heyydnae

    8. They appreciate the little things:

    nobody: literally nobody: my gf :

    Twitter: @heyypaann

    9. Like, really:

    My delivery dude sent me the most beautiful photograph of the Chinese food I ordered ??!!!!

    Twitter: @em____dash

    10. They're extra in the best ways:

    Guy on the train has brought a massive like 50 inch TV to watch South Park on??

    Twitter: @hopexha17

    11. They have these types of moments:

    Twitter: @littleerik

    12. And celebrate in the cutest ways:

    Kinda busy today, it’s my cat’s Quinceañera.

    Twitter: @joshcorey9

    13. They have excellent vibes:

    When tiktok convinces you to buy a projector and create faux windows in your bedroom.

    Twitter: @lex_SZN

    14. Their pranks are harmless:

    my fridge has a screen so sometimes I get bored and photoshop myself to make it look like im in there

    Twitter: @SaeedDiCaprio

    15. This is how they handle confrontation:

    Twitter: @TiredinBrooklyn

    16. And lastly, they do big things:

    Twitter: @mentnelson