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    17 Questions Straight Men Should Answer That Are Funny Because They're Accurate And Funny

    The swim trunks...

    I must admit, lighthearted dragging is my favorite. Here are some shady "questions" people on the internet have for straight men.


    Why do straight men even try to be funny anymore when gay people exist?


    why do straight men feel the need to spit on the ground while walking?


    why do straight men exclude themselves from skincare for no good reason :( please wash ur face :(


    Why do straight men have this weird obsession with the idea that we(gays) like yall because yall got a dick between your legs? Are you that dumb? Tf🙄


    Why do straight men always have the audacity?


    Why do straight men have the LONGEST swim trunks? Like we get it. You like women. But show some leg!


    why do straight men pose in pic are always pointing at another man next to him? what is this hint? what are u trying to tell us?


    why do straight men have twitter accounts what do they need them for


    why do straight men love walking up the stairs two at a time


    why do straight men think that being in the restroom is the perfect time to have a conversation.... my whole dick is out leave me alone


    why do straight men refer to their acquaintances as “my buddy”


    Why do (straight) men only own one mask 7 months into the pandemic?????


    Why do straight men stand like they’re a kid who came into your room in the middle of the night to tell you they threw up


    Why do straight men take memes so seriously LMFAO


    Why do straight men wear boxers, basketball shorts, then pants/sweatpants .... wtf is that? Then they layer the sag... ughh .. WHAT IS THAT!!


    17. In conclusion...

    So if you have answers — or even more questions — let me know in the comments below!