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    17 Questions Straight Men Should Answer That Are Funny Because They're Shady And True

    Why don't y'all stop licking your lips and use some Carmex...????

    I must admit, lighthearted dragging is my favorite. Here are some shady "questions" people on the internet have for straight men.


    why do straight men exclude themselves from skincare for no good reason :( please wash ur face :(


    HAHA why DO straight men reply to selfies with 👀? Like? I’m not replying, cause what do you want me to say back? Peekaboo?


    why do straight men always use the 🔥 emoji its so cringe


    why do straight men think women wear makeup for them,,, i do my makeup for myself, the girls and the gays that's it ✨✨


    Why do straight men love to grill ♨️asking for everybody


    Why do straight men have the LONGEST swim trunks? Like we get it. You like women. But show some leg!


    why do straight men find it so hard to move their hips


    why do straight men think its cute to constantly lick their lips Just put some carmex on that shit crusty Damn ..


    why do straight men walk THAT slow


    Why do straight men slam their weights on the floor at the gym after a set? Like for what? Did you get the girl? Did your house get any bigger? Did money just magically appear on trees? What good did slamming the weights do for you?


    Why do straight men have conversations while pooping in public bathrooms? WHY?!


    Why do straight men use their ceiling lights all day every day. That’s weird to me. Get a lamp


    why do straight men think they have adequate comebacks i swear to u i have never read a good comeback made by a straight cisgender male


    why do straight men pose in pic are always pointing at another man next to him? what is this hint? what are u trying to tell us?


    why do straight men have twitter accounts what do they need them for


    why do straight men love walking up the stairs two at a time


    WHY do straight men feel the need to moan at urinals

    Well, men, sound off in the comments with answers, rebuttals, and whatever you want. Be nice. :)