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Pink Said Christina Aguilera Wanted To "Thrown Down" Over Her Sitting In Christina's Seat On The Set Of "Lady Marmalade"

"You can’t talk to me any kind of way."

This week, Pink sat down with journalist Chris Wallace for his show, Who's Talking To Chris Wallace?

pink during the interview

During the interview, she shed new light on the origin of the rumored feud between her and Christina Aguilera.

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As you may recall, last week Pink ranked her music videos, and put "Lady Marmalade" last. When asked why, she said, "I'm all about fun, and it was a lot of fuss. There were some personalities. Kim and Mya were nice," she said, blatantly leaving out Christina. "I guess it is iconic, but I remember I kept crying because my skin didn't like the makeup. It was just… There was some annoying things happening that day."

Screenshot of Pink on TikTok

Well, she elaborated on what she may have meant by "annoying things."

lil kim, pink, mya, and christina in the video

Chris said based on the video, Pink would've "kicked [Christina's] ass," to which Pink replied, "Well, Maybe."

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"Our personalities just didn’t…not everyone is supposed to like each other and that’s ok. Back then, our personalities did not mix at all and that was ok. We hugged it out and kissed it out and we have many times since.”

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"The shade — where people get it twisted with me is that if you ask me a question I’m going to answer it honestly,” Pink said. “I’m going to tell you my experience of how it happened. That’s not shade, that’s just honesty. I should know better by now that total honesty doesn’t work in this world. People want to hear nice things and want you to clean it all up for them and that’s just not my way.”

pink during the interview

Chris Wallace then asked, “Did [Christina] really want to throw down with you?"

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"She did,” Pink replied. "She was upset that I was sitting in her chair and was going to shut down the entire production. I didn’t know I was sitting in her chair."

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"And also, I was homeless at 15. You can’t talk to me any kind of way. You picked the wrong one. But that’s over," she continued. "It’s an interesting story, but it probably happens every day in every workplace. Some people just don’t get along, and then they figure it out and they realize what’s important, and they hug it out and move on."

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You can watch the full interview now on HBO Max.