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    16 People Who Shared Times They Were Not-So-Appropriate At Funerals


    Have you ever been accidentally inappropriate or done something super embarrassing at a funeral? Well, you're not alone. I found a bunch of people on Twitter who definitely weren't on their best behavior at such a sad, uncomfortable, sometimes awkward event.

    A group of people gathered around a coffin at the gravesite during a funeral
    Rubberball Productions / Getty Images

    Here are some examples:

    1. This farter:

    If you're ever having a bad day just remember I farted really loud during a quiet moment at my grandfather's funeral and everybody laughed.

    Twitter: @ASoftstar

    2. And this blunt grandma:

    I remember one time at a funeral everyone was crying and someone was like, “it’s ok, they’re in heaven now.” And my grandmother turned around and was blunt as hell like, “No she’s not. God hasn’t come yet. She’s still in the ground not doing anything.” Grandma WHY 💀

    Twitter: @BrieGuidry

    3. This accidental jokester:

    one time at a funeral my brother and i were laughing at something and i said “i’m deaaaad” and it took us a good 5 minutes to realize what i had said, and i felt so bad, but we laughed even more.

    Twitter: @svsuxt

    4. This laugher:

    up thinking about this one time at a funeral somebody started singing somewhere over the rainbow horribly & i laughed. 🧚‍♀️💖🙈

    Twitter: @orivogue

    5. This mom:

    my moms going to a funeral and I accidentally said “have fun!” On her way out

    Twitter: @spinachconsumer

    6. This spiller:

    @TheRealMcoy_ One time at a funeral I spilled chocolate milk in a casket, so no there is never a wrong time

    Twitter: @RussellCooper42

    7. This jokester:

    @marcellacomedy One time at a funeral in a mausoleum, where there are rows of names, I looked up & saw "Bruce Wayne". I leaned over to my friend, nudged him & said "They did it. Those bastards finally killed Batman". It was his grandfather's funeral, after he stopped laughing he thanked me.

    Twitter: @StannaUS

    8. This growler:

    @JSPalmerIV @TonyAaronII @bessbell one time at a funeral, my drunk uncle, my druncle, if you will, growled, yes growled at the priest guy.

    Twitter: @RyanThomas__


    One time at a funeral, the man who’s wife passed asked how I was doing and I responded with “alive and well” and I think about it daily

    Twitter: @Cheapie13


    I remember one time at a funeral a girl was reading a poem she “wrote” and a kid you NOT she started reciting Beyoncé’s lyrics . The beehive are NUTS LMAO . I was like ...”hold on ...wait a minute“ mid crying

    Twitter: @saviaivas

    11. The interrupting uncle:

    One time, at a funeral, my uncle got up and went to the bathroom, which had a very thin door, so that those of us seated nearby could hear his pee hitting the toilet water as the priest read from the Bible. And that was my explanation in ENL 3112 of the literary term “bathos.”

    Twitter: @jasoninmia

    12. The jokester who told a joke that fell flat:

    one time at a funeral that was on the woman’s bday(to make it more celebratory) the funeral director offered me to take home the happy bday balloons and i said “no thanks, but we could save them for christmas and write happy bday jesus!” not one person laughed. joker origin story

    Twitter: @lenu_greco

    13. This random aunt:

    My family has such weird energy one time at a funeral my aunt came up to me, let out an exhausted sigh, and said “have you heard of fanfiction”

    Twitter: @EmetSelchSimp

    14. This super-rude rich cousin:

    I remember one time at a funeral he stood up and told the pastor to be quick with the speech because he had been talking for too long. Everyone was so embarrassed but he was rich with political connections, so what could be done 💀💀

    Twitter: @Chant_ella

    15. This greeter:

    Said, "waddup, bitch," way too loud at that funeral in 2004 and I think about it at least twice a week.

    Twitter: @smugdingus

    16. And lastly, this blunt preacher:

    @smugdingus One time at a funeral the preacher said “well he’s dead and there’s nothing you can do about it!” and me and my friend gasped loudly and said “Jesus, did he just say that?”. We got some looks.

    Have YOU ever seen or done something bad at a funeral? Let me know in the comments below!