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    18 Accidental Emails That Will Make You Cringe And/Or Cry

    "mr Martin. U r a motherfuckn g and I'm sorry that u r bald."

    1. This drunken debacle:

    2. This handy solution:

    3. This unnerving email:

    4. This mortifying mishap:

    5. This family matter:

    6. And this one too.

    7. This embarassing exchange.

    8. And this even-more-embarrassing one.

    9. This unholy accident.

    10. This poor pickup strategy, sent to the whole class.

    11. This pissed-off professor.

    12. And this crappy typo.

    13. This unfiltered feedback:

    14. This total sophomore move:

    15. This awkward attachment:

    16. This unprofessional accident:

    17. This careless calamity:

    18. And finally, this completely random online exchange, in which Jonah Hill accidentally emailed his food diary to Drake.