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    12 Real-Life Secrets People Said They're Taking To Their Grave

    "My cousins think their dad is their biological father and they are adults now."

    We all have secrets β€” some that we'd take to our grave.


    On Saturday, Reddit user @Raliuus asked people, "What secrets do you have that you would take to the grave with you, but would be willing to share anonymously?" Here's what they said:


    This computer secret:

    "I was helping a friend fix their computer when I found child porn on the computer. I fixed the computer and made an anonymous tip to the police. He was arrested about a year later; he was part of a ring." β€” JimmyL2014

    This wedding secret:

    "A friend, who is outwardly happily married, pulled me aside before the wedding, β€” at which I was a groomsman β€” to have a word. I thought he was just having cold feet, so I rather jocularly asked him if staring down the barrel of a life sentence had got him looking for the door. Well, he got extremely serious and said that I was right, because he's gay, and can't ever truly love his soon-to-be wife the way he should. They've been married for five years now and have a kid." β€” queerpancake


    This dark thought:

    "My family wasn't well off at all money-wise. When I was a young teen I imagined it would be easier if one of my siblings passed away and would try to figure out which one's death would be the least noticeable. One of my siblings passed away a few years ago, and I sure as hell am never telling my family that those thoughts ever crossed my mind." β€” lil-mama-98

    And this one, too:

    "I feel no love for my family. Like, I see them as friends, but I feel no obligation to love them. I think I would feel something if one of them died, but it wouldn't affect me like it would the rest of the family." β€” flyingenemy360

    This heartbreaking secret:

    "I know what my grandmother tossed into the well in her back yard before it was boarded up. It was a box of love letters she discovered β€” written by my grandfather's girlfriend. Since she never knew of his affair, I think it broke her heart. Part of her went down that well with those letters." β€” Back2Bach


    This sibling secret:

    "My mother only told me when I was an adult, that I had an older half-brother who was given up for adoption. I grew up with the identity of being the eldest sibling, and she asked me not to tell my other siblings. We had a very stable and loving childhood, but it’s odd to view things through that lens and wonder who this person is. I now carry that weight (guilt?), because I’m torn between honoring her wish, and feeling like I’m deceiving my own siblings." β€” Wanderlustinasia

    This religious secret:

    "My family are religious and they think I am too. I left Islam at 19 (I'm 22 now), but I'm not planning on telling them. They're old and it would break their heart." β€” missyaman3

    This porn secret:

    "I’m a super straight female, but gay porn is hot AF." β€” curlyhair07


    This gross secret:

    "I let my mother wipe my ass until I was 12 or 13. Only one other person knows this (other than my mother, of course) and he may have forgotten by now since I very rarely bring it up." β€” tanya6k

    This friendship secret:

    "I've had an imaginary friend for the past seven years and it's one of my biggest mental supports." β€” 77628371f65

    This ex's secret:

    "I once was cheating on an ex-girlfriend. I got the girl pregnant and I offered to help pay for the abortion. She was on-board at first, then told me she was gonna keep the kid. She ended up miscarrying. I have very, very mixed feelings." β€” elduke13

    And this cousin's secret:

    "Two of my cousins were conceived via sperm donor. They think their dad is their biological father and they are adults now." β€” hahaholly

    Have any juicy secrets that you feel comfortable sharing? Let us know in the comments below!


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