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    People Are Sharing Their Most Expensive Mistakes And I'm Quivering For Them

    My wallet is shaking.

    We've all made expensive mistakes. On Tuesday, Reddit user @FHM_IV asked people to share theirs. Whether it's a couple grand for a crappy car they bought, or $50 on keychains when they were younger, here are some people whose mistakes really cost them:


    "Spending all my bitcoins back in the day, way before they went through the roof. I bought a box of mixed tea for $2.5 million."

    — Tobouyen

    "I asked for a developer to make a change on our website to test something. Forgot about the test as things got hectic. Turns out that dropped the lead count by 60% for about a month. Cost the company well over $200,000."



    "I swapped price tags on a video game at Walmart to try to save $20. The county filed a civil suit, and probation cost me over $4,000."


    "I forgot to put the cap back on after filling up the coolant in my car. Boiling my engine on the highway — $5,000 for a new engine, just because of a cap."



    "This was the most expensive relative to the amount of money I had at the time: In middle school, we went to Niagara Falls. I spent all my money that I’d saved from birthdays and the paper route on keychains from one place. It was over $50. It still haunts me today."



    "I bought a used car without checking it thoroughly. It broke down completely five months later, and I had to buy a new one."


    "When I was 16, I was lying on my back with my laptop propped up on my legs. It slipped and landed on my face. It snapped my glasses in half and caused the laptop screen to crack and black out."



    "I put my brand-new $2,000 camera on top of my car while wrapping up my stuff. Forgot it there, drive off. Camera falls off, gets hit by another car."


    "When I was 17, I received an inheritance. Blew it all by the time I was 20 on drugs."



    "The story of the most expensive fart: My parents were driving and my dad farted. My mom rolled down the window because it smelled bad and she wanted to air out the car. Well, the window got stuck, so it wouldn’t roll back up. It cost around $3,000."


    "I used to work for a company that did backhaul fiber. I was responsible for the code that generated all billing. We were tweaking the logic that determines if a customer was billed through the end of the day or the start of the day when they canceled. Got the bitwise operator wrong and it cost $20,000."


    "I left my car unlocked back in 2013. I came back and someone opened my car door and stole all my camera gear and laptop. Almost $10,000 in gear gone."


    Geeeeeeez, guys. Be careful and watch what you do! It could be expensive.


    Submissions have been edited for lengths and/or clarity.

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