People Who Have Doorbell Cameras Are Sharing The Worst Things They've Caught On Them, And It's Bone-Chilling

    I can't tell if this makes me want one or not...

    Recently, I wrote a post about people sharing creepy things they've caught on their doorbell cameras. The responses were terrifying, to say the least. Well, our own BuzzFeed Community in the comments also shared some truly unnerving examples of things they've caught on their doorbell cams.

    a person holding their phone with the camera view of the front porch

    Here's what they said:

    1. This eerie music player:

    "Honda Civic riding back and forth slowly around our neighborhood playing ice cream truck music loudly. Hoping it was a stupid prank and not something more sinister."


    2. This ~shady~ doorbell ringer:

    "The first week I had my new doorbell cam, some half naked dude rings my doorbell on a Sunday at 4:30 a.m. muttering lyrics from an Eminem video. I didn't answer."


    a cop shining a flashlight at someone trying to get in through the front door


    "Around 6 in the morning, a man rang our doorbell a few times. He began to reach his hands into his pants and talk to his penis."


    4. This gasoline inquiry:

     "Some dude came up to our door in the middle of the night, kept saying, 'Do y’all have gasoline?' and then just walked off."


    a shadow of a person using a hanger to break in

    5. This terrifying encounter:

    "My mom lives alone and installed cameras at her front door and back door (her driveway circles to the back of the house). One night, less than a week after she installed them, she woke up to a doorbell alert on her phone. She thought it was probably an animal, but checked anyway. There was a man standing in her backyard staring toward the door. After about two minutes, my mom activated the backyard flood lights and he immediately took off. About 45 minutes later, he was back with some sort of bat or something in his hand. She called the police and, luckily, they arrived in less than 3 minutes. When he was being arrested, he tried to claim he thought it was his house. Turns out, he lived over 15 miles away. We still don’t know what his intentions were but we made sure to install more locks and motion-detecting lights around the house after that."


    6. This literal murder caught on tape:

    "My husband and I caught a murder on our camera. We were clueless as to what happened until the dog told us he wanted to go outside, and we saw our block was closed off. We went through the camera to see why they were there, then boom. The worst part was the bloodcurdling scream from his partner caught on tape."


    7. This mysterious visitor:

    "The night I installed the camera, I got an alert at 10 p.m. and it was just a little boy, maybe 4 years old, standing on my porch. By the time I got to the door, he was gone."


    8. This candy thief:

    "Caught a grown-ass woman stealing my entire bowl of Halloween candy this year. At least 100 pieces, just four minutes after we left quickly to trick or treat at a friends house a few blocks over."


    close up of someone holding a phone with camera images

    9. This transformer explosion:

    "A private electric transformer blew up across the street from my house. It made all the local news outlets because the glow could be seen almost 5 miles away. My camera caught it, and it was VERY impressive from 100 yards away."


    10. This older ding dong ditcher:

    "At 11 p.m., a creepy old guy that lives across the street from me was walking past my backdoor walking through my yard. He rang my doorbell then ran off. Like, he was a grown man playing ding dong ditch and you could see him giggle as he rang the doorbell and then ran off. It was so weird."


    two people on the camera

    11. This creepy plant petter:

    "There is a guy that pets my plants sometimes."


    12. And this literal kidnapping:

    "My sister’s neighbor caught footage of a real estate agent being kidnapped on their cameras."


    camera image of twi burglars in the house

    13. This creepy girl:

    "A girl, around 16, twisted the door handle a few times before realizing it was locked. Then, she fiddled with something in her pocket and then got startled because our dog started barking his tail off. She stood there for a minute and left. It was freaking weird."


    four camera images showing different parking lots

    14. This cat coven:

    "I've seen some creepy things but the strangest thing I ever saw on my backyard camera has to do with cats. I have an outdoor cat, and when my neighbor passed away this summer, he left behind around 12 feral cats he was feeding. They naturally gravitated toward our house because the cat's food bowl is outside. One night, I checked the camera after hearing a cat screech and saw roughly eight cats in a circle with my cat in the center. They were either having a cat fight club or some sort of coven meeting or something, either way, it was a trip. They just sat there for a while then one by one they sauntered off leaving my cat all alone."


    15. And lastly, this entire horrifying situation:

    "The apartment down the hall from me was under construction. I was walking back to my apartment and had to walk past all of the workers in the courtyard and the apartment. Once I got into my house, I got a second notice on my phone there was movement at my front door and walkway (first one was me). I looked at the video. Two of the workers had watched me walk through the courtyard, followed me up the stairs, followed me down the hall, and were standing at my front door, one with his ear to the door the other searching for a hidden key. They found the fake key and were trying it. I called 911. Turns out, they were cousins of one of the construction workers, and they both had warrants out on them and were arrested. I now always leave music on when I leave the house and have a pair of used men's shoes at my front door."


    If you have a doorbell camera, I'd love to hear from you. Have you ever spotted anything creepy? Let me know in the comments below!

    Responses edited for length/clarity.