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    People Who Objected/Interrupted At A Wedding (Or Witnessed It) Are Sharing What Happened And Wow, Wow, Wow

    Imagine getting BOOed at your wedding??!?!?!

    On Friday, Reddit user u/Booney3721 asked, "People who stood up during 'speak now or forever hold your peace' at a wedding, how did things turn out?" Those who objected, interrupted, or witnessed such a thing shared what happened, and it's cringe x1000.

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    Here's what they shared:

    1. "I objected. I was asked to leave, and she married him anyway. He cheated on her and gave her an STI. They're now divorced, and he's in prison for assault with a deadly weapon, and everyone STILL hates me for being right more than a decade later."


    2. "Had an uncle loudly clear his throat at that question. The stodgy old Baptist minister excused him from the service."


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    3. "When my parents got married, my dad's whole family loudly stormed out at that point, as my mum was originally a Protestant. He has 10 siblings, so I imagine it was pretty awful and long-winded. They've been married 40 years, and we don't speak to that side of the family, so no great loss."


    4. "Went to a wedding for some friends of mine. Beautiful bride and awesome groom were saying the vows. Unbeknownst to the family, the bride's ex-boyfriend snuck into the church all dressed up as a guest and blended in. Priest says his line, and the ex-boyfriend stands up and says, 'I object!' Some of the male family members escorted the guy out of the church by his feet, with his back and head dragging on the ground. Was pretty epic."


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    5. "I was a singer at a wedding, and a dude said, 'I have something to say.' The minister called him up to the front, and the couple, the guy who spoke up, the minister, and the best man went into the vestry. Everyone in the congregation was just dead silent. After about five minutes, the best man came out and said, 'Sorry, everyone, it’s off. Please feel free to go to the reception if you'd like. It’s all paid for, but no wedding today.' Obviously the congregation, who knew and presumably loved the couple, were really upset."


    6. "I was 3 years old. It was my mum’s cousin’s wedding. I was arguing with my older brother (would have been about 7) after he took my seat during the service, and I was very determined to get it back. During the silence, as the vicar asks if anyone has any objections, a cry was heard from me. 'I was there first!' Perfect timing on my part. I have no memory of it, but family still likes to tell the story."


    7. "My father officiates wedding. One time, when he asked the question, one of the groomsmen steps forward and goes into a big long speech about how they shouldn't get married without really explaining why, other than 'Don't get married.' He finally finished, and my father said the groom looked like he was gonna murder the man, and the bride just looked shocked."


    8. "At his own wedding, my brother responded with, 'Don't worry, she isn't here.' Very funny, but he got a ticking off from the registrar."


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    9. "My grandmother objected and said, 'I’m the grandmother, and I just love my grandson.'"


    10. "Saw a video of a couple who was having a wild West-themed wedding. When the minister asked the question, a guy stood up and objected. The bride grabbed the groom's revolver, shot a blank at him, and asked if anyone else had something to say before the now dead objector was hauled out. It was a joke, and everybody was in on it, so it actually was kind of funny."


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    11. "I attended a friend's wedding, and someone did this. I think he was a cousin, but he made a spectacle, saying she was 'too good for him,' while yelling and shit. Super cringe. Mega cringe. Everyone kind of nervous laughed and moved."


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    12. "I was at this wedding where an old lady (stranger) showed up and started yelling, 'BOO!' and yelling at the bride about betraying true love or something."


    13. "The one and only time I went to a wedding, a girl stood up and objected and started saying, 'He is not good enough for you.' Turns out she was not there for the groom; she was there because she was in love with the bride. At one point, she stood up and punched the groom in the face, grabbed the bride, and they started to run away, while everybody watched in disbelief. Didn't get very far before being caught though."


    Have you ever called out/objected/interrupted at a wedding (or witnessed someone else)? Tell me about it in the comments below!