17 People Who Are Living In 3021, While We're Stuck In 2021

    BRB, going to 3021.

    1. This person figured out how to get the Wi-Fi password from their mom:

    My mom didnt wanna tell me the wifi password so I turned on my screen record and made her put the password herself. 😭😭 im sorry momma

    Twitter: @wetzxtom

    2. This person created a genius meal:

    Twitter: @jadeisavibe

    3. This mom figured out how to catch an egg-stealer:

    So my mom saw that her eggs were missing at work so she posted this note. Later some white dude came to her stressed af for the antidote thinking he was going to die 😭😭😭 ngl this is genius

    Twitter: @_kamoafo

    4. This guy made this genius basketball contraption:

    Twitter: @BrianMFloyd

    5. And this person created a smoking contraption:

    Twitter: @Mattwop_

    6. This person never has to clear snow from their windshield:

    Twitter: @youdamnskippy

    7. This person is wearing 3021 fashion:

    Here I am lamenting about 2021 and this person here living in 3021 https://t.co/sqo16p42pm

    Twitter: @JismeriCastillo

    8. This person figured out the height of trees with Photoshop:

    Twitter: @dianamail17

    9. This person figured out how to enjoy soup in the best way:

    Twitter: @JacksonCB

    10. This stripper has the smartest tap-to-pay method on their heel:

    Strippers out here living in 3021

    Twitter: @OhItsK32

    11. This person can drive, eat, and dip simultaneously:

    Twitter: @missmishaharris

    12. This person created a low-budget way to keep your gloves dry while making snowballs:

    top tip: put plastic gloves over your normal gloves so they don’t get wet when you’re making snowballs

    Twitter: @applekaurr

    13. This person found the smartest way to translate a Japanese game:

    Haha wow, this is a clever idea! Ever wanted to instantly translate a Japanese-only game? Set up a stream of your phone pointing at the TV with Google Translate. https://t.co/UzWJ9tBhen

    Twitter: @FantasyAnime

    14. And this mom hack is genius AF:

    Twitter: @madeleinemua

    15. And this person never forgets a charger:

    😭Ngl this is probably the best life hack! I always forget my charger

    Twitter: @avayonce

    16. This person's ladder is how all ladders should be:

    Twitter: @stem_feed

    17. And lastly, this boyfriend found a way to make time to treat his girlfriend during busy times:

    set my phone up to automatically send my girl texts before she goes to work and Starbucks money on fri, between us both working and in school it’s really the little things

    Twitter: @alexachary