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    People Are Tweeting Proper Bathroom Etiquette I Bet You've Violated At Least One

    Hopefully, these tips sink in.

    On Wednesday, @HashtagRoundup asked people to share bathroom etiquette tips using the hashtag #BathroomEtiquette101. It covers tips for your own bathroom, as well as public bathrooms (when we can all use them again):


    Check 'em out — I know I've definitely violated a couple of these:

    1. Re-cap the toothpaste!

    Put the cap back on the toothpaste. #BathroomEtiquette101

    I'm guilty of never doing this. :/

    2. Don't leave toothpaste in the sink:

    Don’t leave gobs of toothpaste in the sink or on the mirror #BathroomEtiquette101

    Don't use the soft, fancy towels:

    #BathroomEtiquette101 Do not use the soft, fancy towels. They're for when the Duchess comes to visit. She doesn't like it rough from behind 🧐

    And I do this, too.

    3. Wipe the sink:

    Don’t leave water all over the sink. Grab a tissue, piece of toilet paper, or towel and dry the water up. #BathroomEtiquette101

    4. No empty rolls:

    If you leave an empty roll ...just get the divorce papers ready. #BathroomEtiquette101

    5. Courtesy flushing is a must:

    If the Force is strong with you, Courtesy Flush!#BathroomEtiquette101

    6. And use the fan, fam:

    #BathroomEtiquette101 If things get out of hand light a match & hit the fan.

    7. Skip the conversation when it's a public restroom:

    Stranger in the public washroom....please don’t have a convo with me while I’m in the stall #BathroomEtiquette101

    8. Don't use the stall next to someone:

    If there are multiple empty stalls, DO NOT use the one right next me. #BathroomEtiquette101

    9. And no eye contact, please!

    10. Don't look in people's medicine cabinets:

    #BathroomEtiquette101 Don't peek at other's cabinets.

    11. Wipe the damn seat:

    #BathroomEtiquette101 If you sprinkle While you tinkle Be sweet and Wipe the seat.

    12. Don't talk about it — no one cares:

    #BathroomEtiquette101 You don't have to tell me all about it when you're done

    13. Do this!

    #BathroomEtiquette101 Always put paper down the toilet so no one hears you plop 😂

    Never heard of this tip...

    14. And very timely tip: Always wash your hands!

    #BathroomEtiquette101 always wash your hands after using the facilities..

    Do you have any pet peeves? Let me know in the comments!

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