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    People Are Sharing Ways Their Names Have Been Butchered And...Wow

    Come on, y'all.

    Right now, people on Twitter are sharing times that their names have been butchered by people. Part of me is laughing, part of me is like "COME ON PEOPLE!" Also, all names are beautiful and unique, so let's just make that clear.


    Here are some of the worst mispronunciations:

    1. "Sarah" (Sorcha)

    2. "Haha" (Hajar)

    had a spanish teacher call me haha...

    3. "Hi" (Jai)

    @hijabait Sometimes my Spanish teacher called me Hi

    4. "Bush rat" (Bushra)

    @hijabait @cle_eaux one time me and my friend were out shopping at the shoe store and she wanted to reserve some shoes . the sales assistant asks my friend name . my girl says "bushra " so the sales assistant calls the twin store and says "size 5 shoe reservation for BUSH RAT "

    5. "Suk-D" (Sućdi)

    6. "So-ugh-dee" (Sućdi)

    @1jdcm_ Shit...ummm... soo-ugh-Dee lmfaoooo no...try suuu—aaahhh—-dee? Lmfaoooooooooo IM REALLY STRUGGLING here

    7. "Ah ha" (Aja)

    @hijabait Omg my name is Aja. Pronounced “Aye-Jah” a Spanish teacher called me Ah ha

    8. "Ma Lori" (Malori)

    @hijabait @Bratz__doll Ma Lori (pronounced Mallory)

    9. "Meat sauce" (Mitsos)

    10. "Knees" (Naoise)

    11. "Jessica" (Jannia)

    @hijabait @UlloaAudrey Got called Jessica once by a professor once! Sje was really expecting me to answer her question and I was like ughhhh that's not my name!

    12. "Gina, Gwenie, etc." (Glenice)

    @hijabait @neha0403 My name is Glenice (pronounced glen EEs). I have been called Gina, Gwenie, Glenda, Glenys, Glen Ice, Glen East....

    13. "Clitlaly" (Citlaly)

    @hijabait @LostinlifeAlex Clitlaly 💀💀💀

    14. "Carlos" (Jaru)

    @hijabait Ayinde. One teacher didn't even try and called me Carlos.

    15. "Luigi" (Lucia)

    @hijabait My Spanish teacher no lie called me Luigi once

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