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People Are Sharing Random Acts Of Kindness From Strangers And I'm Legit Crying (I'm Not Kidding)

*wipes tears*

On Monday, writer Nicole Cliffe asked people to share the kindest thing a stranger has said or done to them. The responses are beautiful.

Here are some of the best I came across:

1. This hug from a stranger:

@Nicole_Cliffe I was stranded in an airport alone when I was 17 after my connection was cancelled, I was clearly distressed and needed my mom. This woman came over and asked if she could give me a hug, and I just bawled into her arms, and she told me it would be ok. I'll never forget that.

2. This woman shared a time a stranger defended her against body-shamers:

@Nicole_Cliffe They were so sweet and patient with me. Who was like. Deeply anxious and needy and abused and unloved and all sorts of things. But they just shared their tab and trashy magazines and painted my nails blue and told me I was pretty and they liked my bathing suit.

3. And this woman shared a similar story:

@Nicole_Cliffe This woman literally rolled her cart between us, stood close to that woman and looked me in the eye and said "I THINK YOU LOOK GREAT." Then glared at the woman and rolled away.

4. This empathetic couple:

@Nicole_Cliffe Ex and kid and I had just gotten off a red-eye flight during which the baby was overtired, feverish and crying much of the flight. Couple in their 60s sidled up to us at baggage claim and the woman said "You two are doing a great job" and I promptly burst into tears.

5. And this caring doctor:

@Nicole_Cliffe A doctor held my hand while I cried before being knocked out & having a D & C because I had miscarried & needed surgery. The last thing I remember was him standing over me holding my hand & saying “it’s gonna be ok, Elaine”. He wasn’t even my OB, but I switched to him after that

6. These generous people:

@zoelouisalewis @Nicole_Cliffe I used to work at a homeless shelter. I knew a few men who, when they had some spare change and were bored, would walk around and feed parking meters.

7. This wholesome hipster:

@Nicole_Cliffe The best part of the story, though, is that his friends kept saying he should just call the cops and he said something along the lines of ‘we don’t call the cops on people in mental health distress, it isn’t safe, I’ll meet up with you guys later.'

8. This apologetic driver:

@Nicole_Cliffe He put out his hand to shake. Explained he honked but noticed his error when he saw the woman so honked again to say sorry. He followed me to personally apologize so he wouldn't ruin my day. We shook hands. Changed me forever. And I was glad he didn't waste me. 2/2

9. This subway angel:

@Nicole_Cliffe I fainted on the subway once and a kind, elderly Chinese woman who spoke no English waited with me, held my hand, and fed me grapes while we waited for the EMTs. When they finally came, she patted my hand three times and put my hand on her heart before leaving.

10. This beautiful man:

@Nicole_Cliffe A stranger stopped me from jumping from an overpass over the autobahn when I had a stillborn. He listened. He let me cry as much as I needed. Than he told me that he doesn’t understand why bad things happen to some, but to keep hope that things will get better. He was right.

11. This patient, thoughtful man:

@Nicole_Cliffe We once had a man wait outside a restaurant for god knows how long. When we got to our car he told us he noticed our car seats AND that our brakes were visibly bad. He worked for a shop & replaced our brake system free to keep the kids safe because he knew it would be expensive.

12. And this beautiful staff:

@Nicole_Cliffe Had 1 day to start IVF with no warning due to aggressive cancer diagnosis. Private cost $10,000; Doc made a call to Public hospital; got in same day. Nurses all stayed late to get my treatment underway. Cost: basically free. Got two eggs and 3.5 years later had my baby daughter.

13. This helpful stranger:

i was driving in a snowstorm in rochester As One Does, but wasn't used to the car and slid into a snowbank some 12 feet from the driveway i was aiming for and got stuck. a stranger pulled over in traffic and helped me dig the car out, then went on his way.

14. This complimentary woman:

One time I was finishing a reading before class & was sitting on a bench outside. A stranger tapped my shoulder & said, “I’m sorry, but the way the light was shining on you, you looked like an angel” then walked off. I think abt her every day

15. This owner:

@Nicole_Cliffe My mother had just died after a brutal fight with cancer. I walk aimlessly & eventually wandered into a Mexican diner. I had delicious green chilaquiles, and then realized I didn’t have my wallet. The owner told not to worry. It was exactly what my mom would have done.

16. And last but not least, this story of many strangers coming together:

Now if you'll excuse me...