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    People Are Sharing Common White Lies On Dating Apps And...Take Note, Y'all

    Keep an eye out for these.

    On Monday, @HashtagRoundup asked people to share examples of common lies and exaggerations people use, with the hashtag #DatingProfileWhiteLies. Going through them, I was like, "I've definitely seen a lot of these before."

    Here are some of the examples people tweeted!

    1. The ~newcomer~:

    I'm new on here... #DatingProfileWhiteLies

    2. The job-title enhancer:

    I work in the finance industry handling currency exchanges between our company and its customers. #DatingProfileWhiteLies

    3. The traveler:

    I travel often. ..from my bed, to my couch, to my fridge #DatingProfileWhiteLies

    4. The amicable ex:

    5. The "single" person:

    He said he is single #DatingProfileWhiteLies

    6. The hatfisher:

    50% of men over 30: I may be wearing a hat in every picture, but don't worry. I'm not hatfishing you. I totally have all my hair. #DatingProfileWhiteLies

    7. The "this is a recent photo" person:

    8. The adventurer:

    Active and loves adventure in nature. #DatingProfileWhiteLies

    9. The basement dweller:

    #DatingProfileWhiteLies I live in a nice subterrenean place

    10. The "I'm great in bed" person:

    #DatingProfileWhiteLies am GREAT in bed! 😏😏😏

    11. The walker:

    “Enjoys long walks.” #DatingProfileWhiteLies

    12. The nonsmoker:

    13. The anti-LTR person:

    #DatingProfileWhiteLies Not looking for a long term relationship, unless I fall in love with you on the first date in which case we can either get married or I can stalk you. Lady's choice! @firstandmonday

    Do you have any examples of dating app white lies you see a lot? Let me know in the comments below!