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People Are Fascinated With This Teen's F**ked Up Snapchat Story That Features A Flying Dildo


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Instagram user @piegle posted a video on his Snapchat story that's a combination of amazing, confusing, and messed up.

Instagram: @piegle

Let's break this video down a bit for shits and gigs.


First of all, there seems to be a dildo attached to one of those large exercise balls.

But it's not super-attached because it flies off of the ball...

...and nails the most perfect landing.

Literally just like one of those waterbottle flipping videos..


...only, you know, it's a dildo attached to an exercise ball!

Naturally, people were instantly obsessed with the video/contraption:

They were filled with joy:

They were impressed:

And obviously, they had questions:

My friend Delaney even wished she studied physics more.

Ryan Schocket

Thank you, @piegle, for sharing this gift.



BuzzFeed has updated this post to reflect the original poster of the dildo video, @piegle.

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