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People Are Calling This Actor's Post About Ariana Grande Sexist And Bullying

"Here's that attention you ordered."

This is Michael Rapaport. He's an actor and radio personality who's starred in Atpyical and The Guest Book.

Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

And you know Ariana Grande. No intro necessary.

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Well, on Wednesday, Rapaport posted this message about Grande:

Ariana Grande is 27, acts 12. You take off those boots she hides her legs in, the cat eye makeup and the genie ponytale, and I think there’s hotter women working the counter at Starbucks — no disrespect to Starbucks.

He also posted an older picture of Ariana with the message on Twitter:

People were quick to call him out for his problematic remark:

@MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport Another old man telling a young woman her worth only resides in her looks and tells her it’s not enough. Dude, your career went down the drain long ago, YOU ARENT RELEVANT ANYMORE. Also, this tweet is actually acting 12..

@MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport How dare she have a picture taken without being in full makeup! It’s like she’s a real person sometimes.

@MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport Did that make you feel better putting her down and making her feel like shit.. I normally love you but this was uncalled for..

@MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport Wait, what is the play here- to badmouth a woman 20 years younger than you over her looks? Literally what was your goal other than to point out another celebrity and say “She’s not as good looking as many women I see every day.”, because that’s not a good look for you imo.

People said he was definitely looking for attention with his put-down of Ariana:

@MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport youre just one of the ppl in this app that asking for attention thru stans. gtfo

One person commented on the post saying, "This is some misogynist shit right here. Fuck everything about this."

Another person said it's bullying.

Rapaport posted this tweet after, telling those who were offended to "Eat Dwycks."

Ugh, this is a lot. If you have thoughts about the situation, let me know in the comments below.