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18 Pictures Of Unexplained Shit That'll Make You Lose Your Shit

Oh hell no. Special thanks to @Unexplained.

1. Can anyone explain this frame of a video taken by someone on a flight?

2. Welcome to Ireland's Leap Castle, home to a mysterious spirit called "The Elemental."

3. A ghost will probably come for YOU if you visit Jablanica Lake in Bosnia. The lake dried up and casually revealed a cemetery.

4. In Hawaii there are anthropomorphic lava formations that look like they're straight from the underworld.

5. And on Poland there's the "Crooked Forest," where you know shit has gone down:

6. Can you imagine flower-picking and seeing this extremely creepy case of dead man's fingers?

7. Or you're taking a nice hike in the forest, and suddenly it's like, "Oh, look, a tree that looks like a woman/crucifixion!"

8. Speaking of forests — where literally nothing good ever happens — can you fathom running into this acrobatic apparition?

Video of a strange figure recorded in the woods of Indonesia.

9. Or reaching the middle of the woods to find a bunch of missing-person flyers.

A man hiking through the woods in Long Island came across what looked like a scene out of a horror film. Via NY Post

NY Post

10. And if I'm driving and EVER come across this shit, I'm turning the hell around.

Imagine driving late at night and seeing this...

11. Wait, can anyone explain this Hitchcock-style crow invasion?

12. Or even worse, this beetle invasion in Argentina?

13. At least it wasn't an invasion of caterpillars, like this one that looks like Edgar Allen Poe.

14. And can I help you with something, possessed doll from Singapore?

15. Was it you who wrote this message in an abandoned church?

16. Or maybe you wrote this one, found in an abandoned home in Massachusetts?

17. And what the devil is Satan doing above this innocent little church?

18. Seriously, what the HELL?

Not today, Satan. Goodbye.