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    Non-Americans Are Sharing Offensive And Dumb Things Americans Have Said To Them, And Yiiiikes

    "YoU HaVe iKeA??"

    On Tuesday, Reddit user u/esq__ asked non-Americans to share the weirdest thing Americans have asked/said to them. It led to people sharing things Americans have said that are a combination of dumb, weird, and offensive.

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    So, yeah, here's what they said:

    1. "When an American asked me what it's like to have an accent. They thought that they had no accent and their voice was 'default,' basically."


    2. "I once spoke to an American that was surprised that Black Australian individuals had an Australian accent."


    3. "They asked, 'Are your parents Democrats or Republicans?' Eh, we have different political parties here, love."


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    4. "An American asked me, 'So, how many Republicans do you have in Parliament?'"


    5. "I met an American tourist who was adamant that my country was a home ruled territory under the US government. He said this during our nation's Independence Day."


    6. "An American asked, 'How long did you take to learn to use metric instead of normal measurements?' He genuinely didn't understand that metric was a system we actually used every day — we weren't constantly having to mentally convert measurements to feet or pounds to understand how big they really were."


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    7. "They asked, 'How can Canadians offer free healthcare? Why would any doctors want to work for free?'"


    8. "I was asked if France is part of the United Kingdom. When I tried explaining to him what the United Kingdom is, he told me England is no longer part of the UK because of Brexit."


    9. "If my English-sounding name was really my name or something I gave myself because I was in the US."


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    10. "As a Brit, I had to bite my tongue when asked 'Do you celebrate Independence Day?'"


    11. "My ex was American and used to ask for ranch sauce wherever we ate. 'Y’all got ranch?' I swear he didn’t use it half the time either, he just wanted ranch around."


    12. "An American asked, 'Do you have color television in Germany?'"


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    13. "I'm from Argentina and an American girl I was chatting with online was truly convinced we were all white here. I don't even know why she thought that."


    14. “'Wait, y’all have IKEA?' I'm Swedish. (IKEA is a Swedish company.)"


    So, now it's your turn. Have you ever been on the receiving end of one of these statements/questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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