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    Noah Centineo And Ross Butler Hangin' In Their Halloween Costumes Is Making Me Hot N Heavy

    Love it.

    Ok, let's get right to it. Certified hot people Noah Centineo from To All The Boys I Loved Before and Ross Butler from 13 Reasons Why hung out last night. Ross was Wolverine, and Noah was Gaston.

    Michael Kovac / Getty Images

    They Insta'd:

    And left comments on each other's:

    They danced:

    When Wolverine and Gaston tell you to move, you do whatever you want because you're strong and independent. @noahcent

    And they looked so freakin' good doin' it:

    Michael Kovac / Getty Images

    I've never wanted to be scratched so bad...

    Be rude to me (???) Gaston.

    I mean, come on now...


    It may be Halloween but I guess Christmas came early. Bye!

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