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    19 Things That Are Absolutely, Positively Gen Z Culture

    "Almost dying and giving the Uber driver 5 stars."

    Being a Gen Z'er is obviously a really ~interesting~ experience. Being part of the second best generation (behind millennials, don't @ me), they often share the same problems and experiences. Here's what people say defines "Gen Z culture."



    true gen z culture is getting into a fight w someone and still sending them streaks


    gen z culture is discussing very serious or important personal topics with each other while having the silliest usernames


    gen z culture is bonding over using the same anxiety meds


    gen z culture is live tweeting ur mental breakdown


    Gen Z Culture is changing your bitmoji’s outfit to match the season


    @kumrogi Gen z culture is self deprecating jokes


    Gen Z culture is silently laughing when someone says “future history books” cause u know the human race ain’t gonna last that long


    gen z culture is having multiple conversations with the same person on different platforms


    I got in an air drop meme war with some rando on the train this is peak Gen Z culture


    my 14 year old sister crying as she sings Minecraft revenge is peak gen z culture


    Gen Z culture is automatically associating Total Eclipse of the Heart with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie


    Gen Z culture is still considering yourself a child at the age of 23


    gen z culture is adding “haha” to a serious text to make it less threatening


    gen z culture is saying “i wanna die” and instead of your friends trying to make you feel better they all go “same”


    gen z culture is having private accounts for being sad instead of doing drugs and having sex


    gen Z/millennial culture is telling everyone you meet that you're gay and/or depressed within 30 seconds of meeting


    Gen Z gay culture is dressing up as David Bowie for Halloween without fully hearing a word of his music


    gen z culture is literally having to explain every word that comes out of your mouth to your parents because you use internet/gay slang without realizing


    millennial and gen z culture is only giving your uber and lyft drivers a rating below 5 if you almost died

    Gen Z'ers, do you agree/not agree with these? Let me know!