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19 Drunk People Who Belong In The Drunk Hall Of Fame

LMAO @ the girl who bought a goat.

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1. This girl, who bought a goat:

2. And this guy, who bought an ostrich:

3. This girl, who did this:

did i mention she immediately started singing

4. This girl, who should've just not answered:

5. This mom, who gave sage advice while drunk:

6. And this dad, who deserves his own show:

so today my dad came upstairs in a cold sweat and told me to come downstairs w my phone because he wanted to film a…

7. This shot-taker:

8. This thief:

9. This drunk guy couldn't remember his address, which led to a police officer crashing his group chat:

So last night the police interrupted our group chat in the most spectacular way 😂😂

10. And this drunkard was left for a group chat to claim:

11. This guy, who got drunk and labeled things:

12. And this guy, who stored his backpack in his freezer:

13. This girl, who took and uploaded a full set of portrait mode pictures from her local kebab place:

14. And this girl, who literally had a conversation with herself:

15. This grandma, who really celebrated her granddaughter's birthday:

16. And Kelly, who is doing this:

17. And this girl, who said "After eating half a spiked watermelon, I desired to have a midnight walk on the beach, but didn’t want to carry my glow stick in my hand."

18. This potato sorter:

19. And last but not least, this genius:

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