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    14 Hilarious Messages That Went Viral This January

    "Do you have anxiety Prime?"

    January is just about over, so of course, a bunch of messages, comments, DMs, and more have gone viral. Here are some of the best.

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    1. This interaction:

    Twitter: @SUNFL0WR91

    2. This Uber message:

    Twitter: @utdjacob

    3. This typo:

    Twitter: @parrspective

    4. This very specific message:

    I forgot the best bit of my walk today: this cat who's owners are fed up

    Twitter: @Charlietrypsin

    5. This rediscovered message:

    remembering the time when i found an ancient Nokia phone and the first thing it said when i booted it up was "HORNY WOMAN"

    Twitter: @oohweehuman

    6. And this rediscovered comment on Lil Nas X's video:

    Twitter: @LilNasX

    7. This mom text:

    Twitter: @cam__roy

    8. This dramatic vacuum alert:

    Herbert the vacuum seems a little dramatic

    Twitter: @kylewendland

    9. This PSA:

    Twitter: @garden0fweedn

    10. This clapback:

    Twitter: @wembleyswish

    11. This blunt PSA:

    Twitter: @af1shawty

    12. And this one, too:

    13. This backhanded compliment:

    I love waking up to cute messages from strangers 💞

    Twitter: @BradNeums

    14. And lastly, this dad text:

    my dad is even worse than Bean Dad

    Twitter: @LadyCelery

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