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Men Are Sharing Sex Tips They Use And They're Specific, But Low-Key Genius

Very, very specific...

Earlier this week, Reddit user u/pirobinha asked men, "What is a great sex tip you have to share with other men?" Men came (no pun intended) through with some amazing tips — so good that you might wanna grab a pen and paper.

A man and woman in bed smiling at each other

Here's what they said:

1. "If you're going down on someone for the first time and you inevitably get hair in your mouth, don't spit it out, as it kills the mood. Instead, lick their upper inner thigh to get it off your tongue."


2. "Helping a woman finish is usually more about rhythm than force. If you struggle with rhythm, try putting on music with decent bass. If she starts breathing hard, twisting around, or says, 'I'm close,' change nothing! Changing things at this point can be very effective, but it's also complicated and usually requires a good amount of communication. So if you are looking for sex tips, start there: Change nothing when she is close."


3. "Use all of your tongue, particularly the flat part. Not just the tip. More pleasurable for the other person, less tiring for you. Also, lightly sucking works wonders."


4. "If they give you advice during, do not take it personally. It isn't an attack on your abilities, but a way to make it more enjoyable for both of you."


5. "Guys, after having anal sex make sure to pee and wash, or else you can get a nasty UTI or prostate infection."


6. "When they say, 'Just like that,' that's what they mean."


7. "Don't be afraid to make noises if your partner is doing something you are really enjoying. Also, just tell them: 'Yes, right there, 'Faster,' 'Slower,' or 'Keep doing that.'"


Two people in an intimate embrace

8. "The old 'squeeze my shoulder if something feels really good' works wonders for shy partners too."


9. "Cut your nails. For obvious reasons."


10. "Don't have sex after cutting jalapeños. If it's on your fingers, it's not a good situation for the other person."

11. "Don't be quiet. Let them know you enjoy it. Compliment them on different parts of their body. Nothing in this world is hotter than a man who's vocal during sex."


12. "Do male kegel exercises regularly. A part of male kegel exercises for sexual pleasure is for a man to stand while stimulated and fully erect. Lifting your unit is like making it do a sit up 100 times a day."


13. "If you kneel on the floor with the other person on the bed when you're giving oral, you can put the condom on while you do it. This stops the mood being ruined by stopping to put one on."


14. "Toys are your friends, not your rivals."


15. "Don't spit on anything or slap anywhere unless you asked about that first. Seriously. Doing the dumb shit you see in porn is the fastest way to make a hookup a one-time thing. Always ask first."


16. And finally: "Have fun. Play. Laugh. Sex can be weird and funny, so just go with it. Be good, giving, and game to try new things, especially if your S.O. is interested in something."


Now it's your turn. Share your best sex tip (if you feel comfortable) in the comments below!

Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.