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Melanie Lynskey Opened Up About No Longer Being Friends With Kate Winslet

"That was so painful for me."

This week, Yellowjackets star Melanie Lynskey appeared on the Happy Sad Confused podcast with Josh Horowitz and opened up about no longer being friends with with Kate Winslet.

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Josh Horowitz / Happy Sad Confused / Via youtube.com

Now, you may recall that the two award-winning actors starred in the 1994 film, Heavenly Creatures, where they grew to be close friends. Unfortunately, after the film wrapped, they did not remain close.

Closeup of the two in the film

"When I lost touch with Kate, it was more heartbreaking than some breakups that I’ve had,” Melanie said. “It was so painful."

Melanie on the podcast with the host

"And it wasn’t like anything happened — it’s just she became a gigantic, international movie star and she didn’t have a lot of time," she continued.

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"Then, suddenly, she’d be in Los Angeles and not have time when I was living here," Melanie said. "It gradually happened. It happens in relationships — people kind of drift apart. But that was so painful for me. And it happened a couple of times [with other actors]."

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Josh then asked if the two have crossed paths since. Melanie said, "No," but said she did see Kate at the Away We Go premiere in 2009.

The two talking at the premiere

Melanie also recalled how angry she got on Kate's behalf when Kate was being body-shamed in the ‘90s. "I know she’s a very, very confident person, but everyone’s sensitive and she’s very sensitive. The way she was dissected and talked about," she said.

Kate and Leo in the titanic

"I remember at the time being just so furious on her behalf. Especially because Kate Winslet is now in the world. Kate Winslet is doing movies. And you’re getting to witness that talent."

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"This is an actor who comes along once in a generation. Just focus on that. It infuriated me so much, and I just was always amazed by how gracefully she handled all of that. It was always really impressive."

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It's nice to see Melanie open up, yet still speak so highly of Kate. You can watch Melanie's full interview here!