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    Meghan Trainor Revealed To Us The Name Of Her Next Single

    Can't wait.

    Meghan Trainor stopped by BuzzFeed's booth at iHeartRadio Jingle Ball this year and looked stunning.

    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

    She told us what she's saying "thank u, next" to from 2018...

    Taylor Miller

    ...and also spilled some tea about her new music.

    EPic Records

    She said she has written three new songs.

    "I just wrote three brand new songs that I'm obsessed with," she told BuzzFeed. "One, I really wanna put out there as a single, and no one will let me release the title, so I'm gonna release it right here. It's called 'Genetics.'"

    Ryan Schocket

    And now she may have gotten herself in trouble with her team 😂:

    Ryan Schocket

    Still, "Genetics" sounds interesting, and I'm sure it's a bop. Can't wait to listen, Meghan!

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