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    Just 17 Hilarious Jokes And Memes About Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Getting Engaged

    "Megan Fox got MGK to drink her blood after they got engaged, and you’re settling for a text back."

    So, this week Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly shared that they got engaged in July 2020. They did it under a banyan tree and drank each other's blood.

    And since the couple does bizarre stuff like drink each other's blood and show up to events chained together, the internet couldn't help but meme the shit out of the proposal.

    Here are some of the funniest meme reactions:


    when the foot locker employee finds an extra pair of the sold out shoes for you in the back

    Twitter: @SortaBad / Via @meganfox /


    To be clear, Machine Gun Kelly requested off that day

    Twitter: @footlocker / Via @meganfox /


    When they have your size on the sale rack @footlocker

    Twitter: @NevSchulman / Via @meganfox /


    everything i’ve learned about megan fox and mgk reIationship was against my will

    Twitter: @kirawontmiss


    Megan Fox got MGK to drink her blood after they got engaged and you’re settling for a text back

    Twitter: @EwdatsGROSS


    Kim and Kourt at MGK and Megan Fox’s wedding

    Twitter: @takeyourzoloft / Via @kimkardashian / Instagram: @kimkardashian


    MGK looks like he appeared after Megan Fox said his name three times

    Twitter: @Wach_Zycuff / Via @meganfox /


    Megan Fox and MGK’s wedding vows

    Twitter: @KateThornley3 / Via CW


    I’m sorry but I love hearing about how fucking weird and in love MGK and Megan Fox are, they are living proof that hot people are more cringe and batshit crazy than regular people and I think that’s beautiful

    Twitter: @animalologist


    Kim and Kourtney-Bridesmaids at MGK and Megan’s wedding.

    Twitter: @ryanbailey25 / Via


    You just know MGK and Megan Fox are going to get married in an abandoned insane asylum or some shit

    Twitter: @theelderemox


    me explaining MGK getting engaged to megan fox and their connection to travis barker and kourtney kardashian and pete davidson and kim k to my partner

    Twitter: @epthot_ / Via FX


    Think before you speak! When you say mean things about MGK and Megan Fox you may be hurting people you know who are also a tattooed dumbass that aspires to having a relationship with a woman who is wildly out of their league and drinks their blood.

    Twitter: @Shaydozer


    I'm going to tell my kids this is MGK and Megan Fox.

    Twitter: @ChandranTheMan / Via WWE


    megan fox trying to suck mgk’s blood

    Twitter: @djfrankkie


    mgk and megan fox are the couple in school who would hiss at you in the hallway while holding hands

    Twitter: @vloreangel


    Twin flames. He is weed. She said yes. They are engaged. An MGK and Megan Fox haiku.

    Twitter: @MsTaylorBanks / Via @meganfox /

    What are YOUR reactions to THESE reactions? Let me know your favorites in the comments below!