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    14 Spot-On Reactions To Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly's Engagement

    Someone call Tim Burton to orchestrate this wedding, stat!

    At this point, I'm sure you're aware that Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are engaged.

    The couple sitting on a couch during an awards show

    They set the internet ablaze with: an — objectively hilarious — Instagram video of the engagement (complete with plenty of camera angles, as one does), a caption from Megan that claimed they "drank each other's blood" shortly thereafter, and the romantic tidbit that MGK custom designed the ring.

    Anyway, given how they dominated pop culture last year (in case you forgot), it's unsurprising that people are already taking to the internet to air their thoughts, which naturally range from mourning losing the chance to marry Megan (hate to break it to you, slim to none) and predictions about how they're sure to exchange vows by reenacting their first encounter.

    Before any further ado, I present my fave ones!

    Just in: Tim Burton tapped to direct and Helena Bonham Carter to officiate.

    🚨 Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are engaged🚨 The double wedding with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker is closer to becoming a reality😱

    Twitter: @therachaele / Instagram / Via Twitter: @therachaele

    This definitely seems more on-brand, TBH.

    Oh, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are engaged? I thought they exchanged blood and morphed souls like 6 months ago.

    Twitter: @hansdickie / Via Twitter: @hansdickie

    Once again, this better be their vows, or it's not even worth it.

    since machine gun kelly and megan fox are engaged, let me bring back this iconic video

    Twitter: @winterdaylov / GQ / Via Twitter: @winterdaylov

    This is exactly how they should end their vows.

    Twitter: @jasno_us / Via Twitter: @jasno_us

    Personally, I believe they should make it a televised event.

    Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker? Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox? 2022 really the year of punk rock weddings 🤚🏻

    Twitter: @ticketstocolson / Instagram / Via Twitter: @ticketstocolson

    Exactly, where's MY ritualistic blood-and-gore themed goth whirlwind romance and engagement???

    Megan Fox and mgk are engaged. Screaming crying throwing up. Congrats to them but..

    Twitter: @alenihernandez / Via Twitter: @alenihernandez

    Bisexual women everywhere (me) found dead in a ditch.

    Twitter: @natsquake / Netflix / Via Twitter: @natsquake


    hyperventilating rn, megan fox isnt getting married to me

    Twitter: @2005jsk / HBO / Via Twitter: @2005jsk

    Was there ever a chance? No. Am I still inconsolable? No comment.

    just found out megan fox is getting married

    Twitter: @oocsitcoms / Fox / Via Twitter: @oocsitcoms

    Truly Oscar-worthy.

    Twitter: @WrittenByHanna / Via Twitter: @writtenbyhanna

    So, yeah, I'm gonna need the entire New Girl team to be in attendance and post 4,902,382 reunion selfies.

    This is not a drill! MGK + Megan Fox are getting married eeek

    Twitter: @annaspektorx / CityTV / Via Twitter: @annaspektorx

    The jokes about Megan also getting down on her knee to say yes have me in tears.

    just refreshed my tl and I see mgk proposing to megan fox…

    Twitter: @meimmichael / TikTok @lilleezyv / Via Twitter: @meimmichael

    Exhibit B.

    why would megan fox get on her knees too girl you need to stand up 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @ringsevens / Via Twitter: @ringsevens

    Ultimately, it's about...

    President of the Let Megan Fox Say Cringey Shit And Be Happy society.

    Twitter: @oliviajwilde / Via Twitter: @oliviajwiide