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Lili Reinhart Clapped Back At Two People Who Said She Doesn't Deserve To Date Cole Sprouse

Don't @ her if you're not prepared.

On Wednesday, two Twitter users were talking shit about actress Lili Reinhart. The first one sent one of Lili's tweets to the other and called her a "cringey bitch."

The other user responded, saying Lili is "so 2013 Tumblr," and that she "probably tells [Cole] to touch her butt and buy her pizza."

One user tweeted a screenshot of the smack-talking conversation and tagged Lili.

Well, Lili saw it.

And she clapped back as such:

"I tell him to touch me ~everywhere~"

"Then, we eat Chinese food."

"Get your facts straight, Emily."

Yass, Lili. The Dark Betty jumped out.