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"How Do Some Fans Think This Is OK?": Lady Gaga Got Hit In The Head By Something While Performing, And This Needs To Stop

"How do some fans think this is OK?"

You know Lady Gaga — Mother Monster, genre-defining, I've-changed-baristas LADY GAGA.

Lady Gaga jumping in the air during a performance

Last month, she returned to the stage for her long-delayed Chromatica Ball. The show looks legendary, and is receiving rave reviews.

Well last month, she went viral after someone threw something at her onstage, and it seemed to get deflected by an invisible shield.

CONFIRMED: Gaga has an invisible force field that protects her from dangerous objects as shown in the video

@noah3020 / Via Twitter: @noah3020

Literally the object was unable to penetrate this seemingly invisible shield and hit Gaga.

However, last weekend, someone threw something at Gaga while she performed "Hold My Hand" and it HIT HER IN THE HEAD.

how do some fans think this is okay... this is so dangerous and sad. :(

@jomaticaaa / Via Twitter: @jomaticaaa

The video — which has almost 1 million views — was captured by user @jomaticaaa, who wrote, "How do some fans think this is okay? This is so dangerous and sad :(."

Even though it might be a fan tradition, or a way to show the artist love, it's important to realize that thrown objects can seriously injure an artist or cause them to fall.

Gaga with the mic stand around her shoulders

For real though, we need to protect our precious queen. That's all, y'all. Bye!