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    Kylie Jenner And Her BFF Recreated The Madonna-Britney Spears Kiss For Halloween

    YES, Kylie.

    OK, I'm sure you know the iconic 2003 VMA performance with Madonna, Britney Spears, and Missy Elliott.

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    It was a serve for many reasons. The outfits, the star power...

    Julie Jacobson / ASSOCIATED PRESS

    ...and, of course, the iconic* kiss between Madonna and two of the hottest pop stars at the time, Britney and Christina.

    Julie Jacobson / ASSOCIATED PRESS

    *The Britney kiss got more attention because the camera focused on Justin Timberlake’s reaction instead of the Christina moment

    Kylie and her bestie Anastasia Karanikolaou recreated the performance over the weekend:

    Kylie Jenner dressing up as the iconic Britney, Madonna, and Missy Elliot 2003 VMA performance. We love to see it!

    The dance moves:

    And the iconic kiss 👀:

    YAS. Can we just give Kylie props for always slaying homages to 2000s pop culture? Remember when she slayed Christina's "Dirrty" look in 2018?

    I stan.


    What do you think of their looks? Let me know in the comments!