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    Martin Luther King’s Daughter Tweeted About Justin Bieber’s New Song After People Criticized It For Using Her Father's Speech

    His sixth studio album is all about his love for Hailey Bieber.

    This week, Justin Bieber released his sixth studio album, Justice, an R&B/pop LP that seems to be a love letter to his wife, Hailey Bieber.

    Two songs on Justice — "2 Much" and "MLK Interlude" — feature audio from civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Letter from Birmingham Jail" (1963) and his "But If Not" sermon (1968), respectively.

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    "MLK Interlude" features King's empowering words about dying for something you're passionate about:

    This drew backlash, with people pointing out how the interlude precedes "Die For You," a song about Justin, you know, dying for his partner.

    People criticized the arbitrary inclusion of MLK's speech/sermon on the album:

    Justin Bieber has an “MLK Interlude” on his album. Then, an 80’s inspired pop song about dying for love comes on next.

    justin bieber did not put one of MLK’s speeches on his album and title it “MLK Interlude” i just know he didn’t do that. my eyes must be broken bc there’s just no fucking way.

    Twitter: @deeperiodt

    "His album is called Justice and has an 'MLK interlude,' but speaks nowhere of social justice, and is focused on love and relationships," one person said.

    justin bieber profiting off of the civil rights movement as a white man is weird. his album is called ‘justice’ and has an MLK interlude but speaks nowhere of social justice, and is focused on love & relationships... huh?

    Twitter: @herestokesha

    People were essentially confused why the "MLK Interlude" was specifically on an album that's all about...Hailey Bieber?

    justin bieber using mlk speeches about justice... to sing about his white wife ?

    Twitter: @cxitIyn

    im confused why this justin bieber album is called justice and has a whole mlk skit if it’s just about how in love he is with hailey bieber💀

    Twitter: @iamabriannaa

    Who in the hell let Justin Bieber walk out the studio with an album called Justice w two samples of MLK and every track got him having a grand ol white ass time singin bout his wife over synthesized pop beats... my blood pressure gets higher every day, on god

    Twitter: @greendrawblin

    The backlash eventually turned into a meme:

    Justin Bieber U.S. government 🤝 Giving Black people “Justice” but it’s really just MLK quotes

    Twitter: @c

    Justin Bieber starting an album called “Justice” with an MLK interlude

    Twitter: @2014joeyhillsdr

    justin bieber sampling mlk on his album about a white woman

    Twitter: @thelake1983

    People did point out that Justin received permission from MLK's daughter Bernice, who tweeted, "Each of us, including artists and entertainers, can do something. "

    Each of us, including artists and entertainers, can do something. Thank you, @justinbieber, for your support, in honor of #Justice, of @TheKingCenter’s work and of our #BeLove campaign, which is a part of our global movement for justice. #MLK #EndRacism

    Twitter: @BerniceKing

    Justin has not responded to the backlash, but we will update this story if he does.