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Justin Bieber Just Revealed Something About His Health And I Feel So Bad For Him

You're in my thoughts, Biebs.

So, Justin Bieber — king of hoodies, dancing, and singing in Spanish — posted this selfie on Saturday.

Everything seems normal, right?

WRONG. Because this was the caption:

You may not know WTF conjunctivitis is, so here you go:

That's right, Justin Bieber has pink eye.

He even posted a second Instagram, where it's zoomed in for us — ya know, so we can examine the gravity of his pink eye.

Then he posted ANOTHER selfie for us to examine — this time in black and white:

And then zoomed right in on the pink eye situation:

WOW. That doesn't look too good.

Honestly though, pink eye sucks. Get better, Biebs.

And whatever you do, DO 👏 NOT 👏 ITCH 👏 IT 👏 BECAUSE 👏 IT'LL 👏 ONLY 👏 MAKE 👏 THINGS 👏 WORSE.