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    JoJo Siwa Said She Initially Thought Her Brother Was Actually "Talking To" Her Now-Girlfriend

    "I'm scared of her."

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    You know JoJo Siwa — queen of bows, dancing, and bright colors.

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    Well, we recently caught up with JoJo, and she told us all about her new movie, The J Team, and her first times — including her first impression of her girlfriend, Kylie.

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    "I actually thought my brother and her were kind of talking," JoJo explained.

    Brenden Dahle / BuzzFeed

    "So, I was like, 'Aw, Jayden's talking to girls!' Now, I'm like, 'Ew, that would never happen,'" she continued.

    Brenden Dahle / BuzzFeed

    "I think my first impression of her was, 'She looks cool! I'm scared of her.'"

    Brenden Dahle / BuzzFeed

    Honestly, a relatable answer all-around.

    Brenden Dahle / BuzzFeed

    Things eventually worked out, though, because the two are still dating, according to JoJo's Instagram!

    Love them. Love JoJo. You can watch more of JoJo in The J Team out now on Paramount+!

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