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People Are Dying At Jenna Ortega's "Fervent Hatred" Of The Song "Dance Monkey"

Instant ejection.

You know Jenna Ortega. She played Wednesday Addams in the Netflix show Wednesday.

Well, the 20-year-old actor sat down with her Wednesday costars and participated in Netflix's "Cookie Jar" interview segment.

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The first question Jenna pulled was, "What song is on your 'Do Not Play' list?"

Closeup of Jenna Ortega

"I'm not big on pop," Jenna said.

Closeup of Jenna Ortega

"A couple years ago, there was a song out called 'Dance Monkey,'" Jenna said.

Closeup of Jenna Ortega

"If anyone ever played that in my house, they're instantly being kicked out."

Closeup of Jenna Ortega

I mean, "Dance Monkey" by Tones and I definitely has a, um, strong sound to it, and can definitely get annoying when it's constantly played on the radio.

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People were kinda living for Jenna's hatred of the track:

"I'm so happy to live in a world where Jenna Ortega expresses a fervent hate for Dance Monkey."
"If someone played dance monkey, you're getting kicked out of the house" never agreed with a statement more than this.

jenna ortega did not hold back about dance monkey 💀

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Listen, we all have that one song or two. What's on your "Do Not Play" playlist? Let me know in the comments below!