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People Are Finding Out The Person Who Sings "Dance Monkey's" Voice Really Sounds Like That, Like There's No Autotune At All

"It sounds like she's singing in cursive."

Tones and I is an Australian singer who sings that song "Dance Monkey."

If you live on earth, you have heard it.

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The song went to number one in just about every country in the world.

Tones and I was actually discovered as a busker, and the song "Dance Monkey" is about her experience busking.

After a particularly difficult night busking, Tones and I wrote the song. She told Genius, "I just took everything people have said to me and put it in a song: 'I see the way you shine/You stop me dead while I was walking by/Just sing one more time, one more time.'"

Tones performed "Dance Monkey"on Ellen recently and people, including myself, cannot believe that Tones and I's singing voice is completely and totally unique. There's no autotune, she just sounds like that.

Her voice sounds exactly, like EXACTLY, like the recording.

It's not some auto-tuned robot.

It's basically like a Sia and Adele combination.

Watch the Ellen performance here:

View this video on YouTube

To sum it up: