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Chris Evans, Dylan Sprouse, And More Celebs Are Slamming Casting James Dean In A Movie

"The complete lack of understanding here is shameful."

On Wednesday, Magic City Films announced that they will be casting Hollywood icon James Dean for their upcoming movie Finding Jack.

James Dean — who died in a car accident in 1955 at the age of 24 — will be featured in the film via CGI.

Director Anton Ernst told The Hollywood Reporter that his family is supportive.

"We feel very honored that his family supports us and will take every precaution to ensure that his legacy as one of the most epic film stars to date is kept firmly intact," he said. "The family views this as his fourth movie, a movie he never got to make."

However, the casting has angered some actors, who took to Twitter to criticize the director's casting.

"Maybe we can get a computer to paint us a new Picasso," actor Chris Evans tweeted.

I’m sure he’d be thrilled 🙄 This is awful. Maybe we can get a computer to paint us a new Picasso. Or write a couple new John Lennon tunes. The complete lack of understanding here is shameful.

Dylan Sprouse said it "robs graves of dead icons":

Mark Roesler, CEO of CMG Worldwide says in addition to other famous, deceased personalities; the film “opens up a whole new opportunity for many of our clients who are no longer with us.” TO BE READ AS: "Found a new way to rob graves of dead icons and milk the masses for less!"

Actress Zelda Williams — daughter of the late actor Robin Williams — said the move is "puppeteering the dead" for clout:

I have talked to friends about this for YEARS and no one ever believed me that the industry would stoop this low once tech got better. Publicity stunt or not, this is puppeteering the dead for their ‘clout’ alone and it sets such an awful precedent for the future of performance.

And actor Elijah Wood flat-out said that it shouldn't be a thing:

NOPE. this shouldn’t be a thing.

Do you think using CGI to cast deceased actors is inappropriate? Let me know in the comments below.