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    James Charles Posted His Brother And I Had No Idea This Is What He Looked Like

    "Brother and sister."

    You obviously know makeup YouTuber James Charles.

    And maybe it's because I'm probably ancient in the eyes of Gen Z'ers (26), but I legit had no clue he had a brother.

    James and his brother, Ian

    His brother, Ian, is 18 years old and reportedly dated YouTuber Loren Gray.

    Well, on Friday night, James posted a photo of his brother on Instagram, and it's really a serve:

    James captioned the pic, "Brother and sister," which is actually pretty adorable.

    "Brother and sister" caption

    Turns out, Ian is like an Instagram model and has some amazing pics.

    Like me, people were kind of — forgive the usage of this word — shook:

    Jen Atkin saying, "Get that brother a Saint Laurent campaign ASAP"
    Comment saying, "Y'all's genes are immaculate"
    Surprised face emoji

    Even fans who were familiar with Ian were pretty shocked.

    People shook by James Charles' brother

    Did you know James Charles' brother was an Insta model/looked like this? Let me know in the comments below!