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Ireland Baldwin Posted Unedited Paparazzi Pics Of Herself To Show How Lighting Affects Pics

"So bored and tired of the body shaming."

You may know Ireland Basinger Baldwin. She's a model and the daughter of famous actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.

She slays on the regular on her 'gram...

...with serve after serve.

Well, an even bigger serve was her posting pap pics of herself last week to show how lighting and angles can really affect a photo. "Yesterday's paparazzi pics vs today’s," she began her caption.

"Remember people! Lighting is everything and the media always wants to make people look like shit if they can. So bored and tired of the body shaming," she continued. "Don’t we have enough going on in the world?"

Ireland Baldwin playing volleyball on the beach
Gumu / Backgrid

Ireland went on: "How do people still have time to cut others down? Also, I have razor bumps for days, I don’t have 6 pack abs ... and I am as white as snow and I don’t give a fuuuuuuuuuuuck."

Ireland Baldwin on the beach
Niko / Lastarpix / Backgrid

She ended the post with, "Let’s find better hobbies and encourage body positivity."

People loved her post:

People thanking Ireland for posting
A fan saying she struggles with razor burn

For real, though, every body is beautiful and should be celebrated.

Tyra Banks telling body-shamers to be quiet
The CW

Thank you, Ireland, for posting and for being a badass queen.

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