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    Updated on Jan 22, 2019. Posted on Jan 20, 2019

    This Story About Rihanna Using A Crowded Public Restroom Is Hilarious

    I'm done.

    Zara Rahim, who's head of communication for The Wing, tweeted a hilarious story last week about Rihanna using a public restroom.

    I had a very long day so as a form of Twitter therapy I wanted to share a story about @rihanna and the time we used a public restroom together.

    So, Rihanna was scheduled to speak at an event and was very late and needed to pee. She didn't feel like using the private bathroom because it was too far, so she said she'd use the public one.

    Rih really needed to pee when she arrived. I told her we could take her to the private restroom upstairs. Nope. Too far. She was going to use the closest one. The public restroom.

    Zara said the bathroom was packed with fans, "The women were so slow to realize what was happening...Once things registered, I swear to God I’ve never heard noises emitted from women’s bodies like that. Imagine something I can only describe as something between screaming, crying, joy, and confusion?"


    Zara said Rihanna waited and chatted with people like a normal person:

    Rihanna was *not* gonna skip the line. She waited!!!!! She made small bathroom like talk!!!!! She’s just like that except way hotter, richer and better smelling!!!! A real woman’s woman!!!!

    "This was a very small bathroom," she said. "[Rihanna] was waiting for a stall to open up and I’ll never forget the woman who opened the stall door and her mouth dropped. Rihanna was standing there. Waiting to use the toilet she just used." Imagine seeing this face when you walk out of the stall:

    Then Rihanna said this.

    Rihanna, without skipping a beat, looking directly at this very shocked woman, in her extremely Rihanna way, says “I hope you didn’t take a shit girl!!!!!”



    But that's not all. Rih washed her hands and used lotion after and said this to Zara:

    The dispenser was malfunctioning because it realized it was in the presence of Rihanna. She had too much lotion on her hands. She said “Give my your hands. You’re ashy sis!!!!” She rubbed her beautiful, tattooed, perfectly manicured hands on on my hands.

    They all were truly blessed by a queen.

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    Do you have any funny celeb bathroom stories? Let's hear 'em!

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