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People Are Sharing Their "And Then I Was Fired" Moments On Twitter

You can't do that...

On Monday, @HashtagRoundup asked people to share what the did at work that caused them to be fired, using the hashtag #AndThenIWasFired

#AndThenIWasFired is this week's HashTopiX hosted by @HashTopiX

Here's what people said:


I was the computer operator for a big company in the 1980's. For a couple months the ugliest plaid fleece coat imaginable was hanging on the coat rack. Finally, I was so fed up with it I took it home and threw it in our garbage. Found it was my bosses. #andtheniwasfired #yep 😂😂


I cooked fish in the microwave #AndThenIWasFired


1997 [arriving at work] My boss: Tim, is that whiskey on your breath? Me: What? No. MB: I smell whiskey on you Me: It's vodka, you uncultured swine #AndThenIWasFired


I was told I could bring in additional office supplies from home, so I brought in a pillow and blanket... #AndThenIWasFired


My dumbass once took 14 days off to see Phish and completely forgot. I saw my schedule and thought they were "firing me" passive aggressively. I texted my boss and "quit" then she replied "You took these two weeks off for Phish..."#AndThenIWasFired

(Phish is a rock band.)


I started dating my boss #AndThenIWasFired


When your wax your bosses drink...#AndThenIWasFired


I was on vacation with a family I nannied for. The kid wanted to play with me instead of his mom... #AndThenIWasFired


I very calmly and politely told an annoying co-worker to please shut the f' up so I could do my job #AndThenIWasFired


One of the guys on my team was throwing up at his desk. The CEO pulled me into his office and told me "Do not send him home. I'm not paying for another sick day". I walked out of his office and sent my guy home. #AndThenIWasFired


They saw my Twitter account #AndThenIWasFired


I brought my Komodo dragon to work on bring your dog to work day #AndThenIWasFired


I rolled my eyes at the boss #AndThenIWasFired


Was fuckin around with the office chairs #AndThenIWasFired


Wrote an email saying we needed to buy more software licenses that went unnoticed for two weeks until errors began occurring #AndThenIWasFired for not updating the licenses.


I don't do overtime especially on my birthday #AndThenIWasFired 😿

Have you ever been fired? Let me know your story below!

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