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    People Are Sharing Situations That Made Them "Get Woke" And It's Really Insightful

    "The cashier was racist."

    On Saturday, @HashtagRoundup asked people to share situations/moments that caused them to get woke, using the hashtag #IGotWokeWhen.

    #IGotWokeWhen is this week's @HashtagJones1 hosted by @SadlyCatless

    Here's the stories people shared:


    #IGotWokeWhen I was shopping and the cashier asked the black woman in line ahead of me for her ID when she used a credit card so I got my ID out too and she told me I didn't need to do that she said "you're fine I don't need yours". I left the store without my items.


    #IGotWokeWhen I married a foreigner. Turns out immigration is awful and that is when getting the easiest and fastest out of three options lol.


    #IGotWokeWhen I realized locking people up for smoking marijuana is worse than govt officials breaking the law.


    I don’t use word “woke” but I’ll play. On healthcare #IGotWokeWhen I got real sick in Macedonia. Best service ever. —Walked in. Immediate attn. Caring doc —Referral to specialist & back. Same day —Cured in days, not weeks like US —All cost $500 w/drugs —Would cost 10–20K in U.S.


    #IGotWokeWhen I traveled outside of North America.


    #IGotWokeWhen my worst nightmare came true.


    #IGotWokeWhen I realized pointing out wrong doing annoys the wrong doers.


    #IGotWokeWhen George Zimmerman was acquitted


    #IGotWokeWhen people like the president started accusing opponents of the sins they themselves were committing @HashtagJones1



    #IGotWokeWhen Trump banned Muslims from certain countries from entering the U.S.


    #IGotWokeWhen someone in my high school spiked the smoothie machine in an effort to make the muslim students break their religious rules.


    #IGotWokeWhen I was in 8th grade sitting in an urgent care waiting room and a woman told my mother and me that all Asians should go back to Asia.


    #IGotWokeWhen I left my childhood jack mormon home. Was homeless for 6 months and lived in a shitty tenement thereafter. Learned all about sexism, classism, racism, addiction, and systemic injustice. Could never go home after that, and that’s not a bad thing. Still learning!

    When did you decide to get woke? Was it a certain moment? If so, let me know in the comments!

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