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    People Are Sharing Examples Of How Parents Apologize, And It's Sad, Hilarious, And True

    *Empty tweet*

    Have your parents ever been in the wrong and apologized to you, and you feel like, "Was that even an apology???????"


    Well, on Sunday, Twitter user @flstinifaerie asked people to "apologize like your parents." The tweet went viral with people sharing their hilarious and sadly accurate responses.

    Here are some of the best:



    @flstinifaerie "Im sorry that you think I owe you an apology"


    @flstinifaerie mom: i'm sorry, i didn't mean to do that/say it like that (genuine apology) dad: i'm sorry *does it again* i'm sorry *does it again* i'm sorry *does it again* i'm sorry *does it again* i'm sorry *does it again* i'm sorry *does it again* i'm sorry *does it again* i'm sorry *does


    @flstinifaerie “I’m sorry, but you don’t have the right to talk to me like that. On top of that, I am your parent. I feed you, give you clothes, and provide a roof above your head. You make me feel disappointed and like I am a bad parent. We always punish you because we love you and careTHREAD


    @flstinifaerie i don’t know how to make an empty tweet


    @flstinifaerie Trys to hug me even tho she know what she did was wrong . I say no then gives a whole as attitude and makes me feel bad.


    @flstinifaerie i'm sorry for getting upset, "buT" you have to understand that blah blah blah *lists off reasons about how it was my fault*



    @flstinifaerie The problem is that you're too sensitive. You always have been. Stop taking everything to heart and be more accommodating of other. You're too selfish and filled with rage at every little thing. I wish I know how I failed to raise you right.


    You wanna go to the store with me?


    *makes breakfast the next morning but never verbally acknowledging any wrongdoing*


    "Fine. Have it your way." This is when I know I'm right


    “You know I love you, right?”


    I don't remember that


    I’m so sorry I got mad. Let me go into an in depth discussion as to why it’s your fault that it happened. But I’m sorry.

    OK, parents reading this, apologize like your kids in the comments.


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