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    12 Hilarious Messages Of The Month (So Far)

    "Left you some snacks in your glove compartment."

    1. This savage comment:

    This dude’s Aunt Peggy is a straight-up savage:

    2. This lackluster message:

    *gun to persons head*: think of a slogan for pickles in 5 seconds

    3. This hostile DM:

    4. And this ex text that went viral:

    i still haven’t fully recovered from this

    5. This girlfriend surprise/message:

    I’m gonna marry her one day i swear

    6. This hilarious edit message:

    Credit to @goregoul.

    7. This hilariously extra message from a dad to his son:

    It felt weird, maybe even futile, to celebrate my achievement at home, esp as the pandemic exacerbates an already vanishing job market. But, I gotta say, this ostentatious display of support from my Dad, who didn't graduate high school, has got me feeling proud of myself today.

    8. This tattoo message:

    As an Italian, I must honor my heritage. That's why I got this tattoo.

    9. This awkward DM:

    10. This Seth Rogen comment:

    11. This bizarre Tinder message:

    12. And lastly, this bonkers YouTube comment:

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