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    14 Hilarious Fails From This Week

    The poor horse.

    Obviously, fails are one of the best parts of the internet. Here are some of the best from this week:

    1. This horse's disappointing fail:

    My horses disappointment of dropping her apple...

    2. This nail fail from Kim Petras:

    3. This sign fail:

    4. And this one, too:

    5. This hilarious fail of a situation:

    6. This meme steal fail from Elon Musk:

    Hi this is my joke &my dog. His name is Jack. May I have a car please? 🙏

    7. This ATM button fail:

    8. This manicure fail:

    We see that finger 😭

    9. This trend fail:

    please don’t let this become a trend im begging you

    10. This TikTok fail:

    11. This Grindr fail:

    12. This Venmo fail:

    I accidentally sent $1881 instead of $18.81 and now she won’t pick up the phone 😭

    13. This unnoticed fail:

    14. This cliff-jumping surf fail:

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