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    Here Are Some More ~Interesting~ Things Taylor Swift "Liked" On Tumblr

    BREAKING: Taylor Swift has run out of fucks to give.

    Full disclosure: I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan, so yes, I have been stalking her Tumblr likes for weeks in hopes of discovering new information. Last week, she liked a bunch of interesting stuff on Tumblr, and this week, she did the same!

    Here are some posts she's liked:

    1. She liked this screenshot of director Joseph Kahn's tweet about double standards:

    2. And this post about being with the "right guy"...

    3. ...who might be actor Joe Alwyn.

    4. She liked this post about being constantly photographed.

    5. She liked this sassy post about Country Taylor Swift.

    6. And this one about the “old Taylor.”

    7. And this post about "slut-dropping" at her tour.

    8. She liked this post, which explained the "Burton to his Taylor" lyric:

    9. And this post about not giving a fuck.

    10. She also finally liked something that addressed all those rumors about her supporting Donald Trump.

    11. And this hilarious side-by-side meme.

    12. She also liked this fan's post, who said they wanted to get drunk with her.

    13. And this post about her newest CMA nomination.

    14. Last but not least, she liked this fan's theory that "...Ready For It?" is about her rumored boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. 👀

    In conclusion, Taylor Swift gives approximately zero fucks.