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    Hello, This Video Of A Snake Throwing Up Another Live Snake Will Fuuuuck You Up

    It's not just ok.

    There's a YouTube video trending right now, called "Snake Regurgitates Live Snake," and it's wild. It was taken by 35-year-old photographer Christopher Reynolds while he was driving home from Houston.

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    This is what Chris and his wife stumbled upon. Seems like, you know, just an ordinary scary AF snake.

    Well, there are actually TWO scary AF snakes because one of those snakes is in the ABOVE SNAKE'S MOUTH:

    This shit gets crazier. The main snake (the one who ate the other) then THROWS UP the other snake.


    Here it comes.

    And it's out. AND IT APPEARS TO BE ALIVE!

    And then this one just slithers on his merry as if he didn't just throw up another snake????????

    Apparently, this behavior does happen between snakes, National Geographic said. Still, this video is NOT OK and I'm done with snakes.